Noun: A feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. 

2. ISM /ˈIZƏM/

Noun: A distinctive practice, system, or philosophy, typically a political ideology, religion or artistic movement. 



Wonderism™ and Exploring Reality, Maybe™ and the MELT Process is a leaderless, open-sourced conversation which explores why/how we are here. Wonderist's do not necessarily believe in anything. We entertain possibilities.

Thank you and enjoy.



I've been a student of consciousness for forty-three years. I started my exploration at age 14 by trying Transcendental Meditation, Kundalini Yoga, Thai Chi and was even "born again" in a Pentacostal church (quite experiential for a nice Jewish girl with an atheist/communist father).

At 16, I started a twenty-two year, two-hour a day practice in classical yoga practices and had the privilege of traveling to Kashmir eight times over 12-years to visit with the great Kashmir Shaivite master, Swami Lakshmanjoo. Kashmir Shaivism says that not only is everything made up of energy, but of consciousness itself. This means that we are sensory beings of pure consciousness staring out at consciousness everywhere. 

Then in 2010, I started reading about neuroscience and quantum physics in great detail, along with the hearing murmurs in scientific communities about the parallels between quantum physics and Kashmir Shaivism. These insights transformed my sense of self as it relates to reality more than I can put into words. It is with this rich background in the meditative journey of self-inquiry that I offer my teachings to you.

With this, I invite you to:

  • Explore with me what it would feel like to experience moments in time without referencing your roles, obligations, history and/or self-identity;
  • Explore what it would feel like to step into a meeting, give a speech or manage projects at work or home without getting lost in the limits of to-do lists and deadlines, and without losing the essence of your sensual, vibrant, expansive, cellular "Self";
  • Practice stepping directly into chaos while being freed of its affects. What does it feel like to step out of the realm of the mind and into trillions of cells of consciousness everywhere as you go through your day? And, what would it feel like to experience life in a way where life's "input" does not permeate you but rather washed through you without "sticking" to you too much?

In other words, what does it feel like to live "freely" while in the middle of an insanely busy life of change, loss & transformation?

The MELTING REALITY Process is an experiential tonic for life's ups and downs and intensities. 

Come and experiment with reality with me.

Jody R. Weiss, Student & Teacher of Consciousness