For & Against Will Never Work

The More You Are In Your Head, The Less You Will Live In Flow. Accepting Where You Are; Even Being Stuck Is Flow. 

I wanted to share this thought with you during this post election slump...I know many of us are feeling sad, afraid, even angry at the outcome of the elections.... Therefore, what does one do with these emotions? indulge them? Ignore them? Slip into sadness? Depression?

I believe it is extremely important to move out of the intellectual processing of events and into the sensory present moment. The past is but a dream and what will happen in the future is speculation..... I am not saying that we should not be engaged in or concerned about the world around us.... but to make "for" and "against" our primary focus will create a "for" & "against" reality. Therefore, breathe into the softness of your own body. Feel your heart, your blood, your breath and stay here in presence.... This practice enables you to become a sensory being and not a reactive one..... The intellect, which naturally interprets the world as dual, will not guide our planet to understanding; it is only unadulterated present consciousness that can guide the way.


A Vibrating Universe

Vibration, frequency, oscillation. harmonics .....there is a vibrational field to the universe... Sound, they say is the living God. We live in a consensual reality where we all agree that what we see is solid. Now its time to look deeper and to understand that there are no "things" only empty fields of vibrating potentiality.... 

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The Measurement Problem

To A Quantum Physicists Fear Is The Measurement Problem. Atoms only appear when you try to measure them - The Act of Measuring Creates The Entire Universe. Otherwise, The Atom Is Spread Out Everywhere.


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A Conversation Between Scientists & Religious Communities

I believe this is the most important time in history for science and religious communities to speak together. Science can bring so much insight into what the world is made of that it can transform the way we see everything around us. And, I believe it is really important to believe strongly in what one believes while also being open to the unknown and other possibilities. I call this "Dual-Devotion"; believing deeply in one's faith while also believing that the absolute opposite may end up being true or having more truths. #faith #religion #wonder

Read Scientific America's article on this subject:

How we can improve the dialogue between religious and scientific communities.

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Happy Pi Day!

"PIEDMONT, CALIF., March 10, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pi Day is coming on March 14! And not just any old Pi Day, but an "Epic Pi Day" on 3.14.15 at 9:26:53; that date/time corresponds to the first 10 digits of pi (π = 3.141592653). This happens only once per century – truly a "once-in-a-lifetime event" for most people.

 Why pi? Beloved worldwide, pi is simply the never-ending number π = 3.14... with no repeating patterns. Being irrational, it cannot be represented as the quotient of two integers. It is used to calculate the circumference of a circle – any circle – from its diameter, among a multitude of other applications in math, physics, and engineering. Pi appears "behind the scenes" in almost countless ways across many disciplines."


Two Mind Blowing Options

"We are either alone in the Universe or not. Both are equally terrifying".

                                                                        Arthur C. Clark

We are remnants...

From an article in…. If a particle and an antiparticle meet, they disappear by emitting two photons or a pair of some other particles. In the "primordial soup" that existed after the Big Bang, there were almost equal amounts of particles of antiparticles, except for a tiny asymmetry: one particle per 10 billion. As the universe cooled, the particles and antiparticles annihilated each other in equal numbers, and only a tiny number of particles remained; this tiny amount is all the stars and planets, and gas in today's universe, said Kusenko, who is also a senior scientist with the Kavli Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the Universe.

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Neuclear Fusion

Lockheed Martin's Youtube on Neuclear Fusion leaves me with huge questions. I'm no expert and wonder what the main downsides of this "future" is that are not being addressed in this video. This "New Atomic Age" could get into the hands of the wrong people… then what...:



A Fundamental Point...

The Big Bang " wasn't the emergence of the universe into space, but rather the emergence of space," according to physicist Brian Clegg in Before the Big Bang. Prior to the Big Bang, there was "not empty space; just nothing." 

Robert Wolfe, in the Science of the Sages shares this insight by Brian Clegg and he goes on to say that "….all matter and all gravity in the observable universe indicate that the two values seem to precisely counterbalance. All matter plus all gravity equals zero. So the universe could come from nothing because, it is, fundamentally, nothing."

He then shares that Astronomy professor Mark Whittle elaborated that "The total mass/energy of the universe equals zero: the universe sums to nothing. This is comparable to what one associates with traditional spiritual -based cosmologies. This also gives us insight into how the universe came into being: perhaps it came from nothing."

In Kashmir Shaivism, which is the great monastic tradition, it states that the object/subject relationship eventually subsides and all that is left is pure subjectivity - pure "perceiver"… Could this be where science and the monastic practices of non-duality intersect? And can it be true that a person can experience this subjective "empty" consciousness, without the limits of the mind, intellect or ego, while still in the body?