Science & Non-Duality Conference This Week In Amsterdam


The Science & Non-Duality Conference is convening this week in Amsterdam.

This is the intersection of scientists who study quantum physics as it relates to consciousness,

the science of meditation and the science of hallucinogens. The beauty of this gathering is

the openness in which scientists, scholars & meditation practitioners share ideas and experiences

within their field to broaden our knowledge on a whole spectrum of subjects including:

What is reality?

How does chemistry create our reality?

Are there other states of reality?

What is the ego?

What is the mind and can it be placed somewhere within the brain or is it something completely different?

What do you mean by non-dual (non-two) reality?

How can all of this help me in my own life in terms of finding more joy and fulfillment?

Stay tuned for notes from the Science & Non-Duality Conference.

Perhaps we’ll find that the answer(s) lie in just being present right now!