What Unites Us All?


I was thinking about the one undeniable quality throughout history that compels us to stand and ask the question, “why am I here”, and it is that beautiful quality of wonder. Wonder. We all do it; all of us, from every tradition and walk of life. In moments of crisis or moments of awe, a voice in us questions the sheer magnitude of life itself. And, we find in that moment that we are not defined by our upbringing or codes of conduct but we are defined by a sense of awe; a indescribable sense of speechlessness where the right words cannot be found to describe nature and life in all of its magnitude. We ask, “Who Am I”, “How did I get here”, “where will I go when I die”. This quality of wonder; this thread that is woven throughout all religions, science and philosophy is one of the unifying concept that unites us all.