A Year of Living As a Cell - Day 1 - The Start

I have decided to start a blog today on what it feels like to live life as a cellular being rather than a person living from the mind/intellect/ego (MIE) and responding to life from the perspective of the MIE. I decided to do this as I have come to realize that the more I exist as the trillion + cells that make up "me", rather than the fixed concept of "Jody", I am beginning to live more freely and, frankly, more authentically. A trillion cells operate the machine that makes up this physical body and how it moves in the world. The absolutely astounding thing about this is that many of our cells die out and new ones are regenerated every few days or so! And, some scientists say that we are fully reconstructed cellularly every seven years. This means that every seven years, I am a newly formed, newly constructed being. So who exactly is Jody?  This will be my daily exploration and I hope you will join me.