A Year Of Living As A Cell - Day 3 - A visit to the Javits Center

Today I am heading off to the Javits Center so I am asking myself a question… What would it feel like to walk up to the Javits Center and not see it? Well, what I mean is to see it but to not see it all at the same time… Well, to be more specific… what I mean is to see it as cellular pulsing energy not separate from me… or to see it and me as the very same thing, cellularly speaking. Hmmmmm, hard to put this all into words. And, when I walk through the isles, looking for "things" at this cosmetics manufacturing show, is there any way to see them and NOT see them? They are things like components and the fill for make-up but they are also pure energy; or more specifically, pure consciousness in the form of things. I realize that how I CHOOSE to view them is completely up to me. And, as I meet people, can I see them as an energetic extension of me; cellular reflections through brain neurons recording light through air filled with cells meeting a trillion cells "stuck together" near by. This could make for a very different day in the pulsating world of consumer goods.