A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 6 - Rushing

I am rushing to my friend Sarah's bridal party here in NY. My pulse is elevated and I have plunged myself into a sea of goals, time pressures and self-imposed expectations... I don't want to be late; what if I get lost yet again in Brooklyn! I catch myself breathing quickly… And then I stop and think…"Now how would a yogi respond to this situation?" Or, since I am not "me" but a trillion tiny cells all clumped together trying to figure it all out, "how am "I" as a celluar being FEELING this situation?" So I decide to be experiential... Can I move quickly through the crowds with an "undifferentiated mind", without attaching history or story or narrative to what I See? Without living in the future, trying to race somewhere...In fact, can I quiet my thoughts down as I rush…fully present while not being attached or influenced by forward moving time? I dart downstairs into the subway... Throngs of people & metal everyone. Can I adjust my "seeing" to see everything as seemingly separate but actually not, matter-as-vibrational frequencies? Everything blurs around me… Awwwww, the wonder of my cellular self moving through space with my extended family of cells all around… This present awareness has calmed me. My heart rate slows with the calming of my mental state. As people and trains and life swirls by, I remain as silent as possible and observe the oceanic river of cells called "life".