I had the good fortune of attending a gathering at NYU called Consciousness Hacking and it was awesome. The speaker was Dr. James Thompson of Evoke Neuroscience and he showed us that  monitoring certain physiological functions in the body can transform life's outcomes. As an example, he showed us that a healthy adult should take a certain number of breaths per minute and when measured by Evoke machines, one can see a certain pattern of breathing. An unhealthy person's pattern is irregular with more breaths per minute. This makes sense, right? What Evoke does is makes it fun to monitor. They have created Waveband which features a "game" where a small animated character called a "Mindja" levitates when one is relaxed and calm and "crashes" to the ground when one is agitated and stressed. Of course, the goal of the game is to learn internal techniques to stay calm and cool, which in turns affects the choices we make in our daily lives. Check out EvokeNeuroscience.com and check out Consciousness Hacking-NYC as well on Meetup.