A Fundamental Point...

The Big Bang " wasn't the emergence of the universe into space, but rather the emergence of space," according to physicist Brian Clegg in Before the Big Bang. Prior to the Big Bang, there was "not empty space; just nothing." 

Robert Wolfe, in the Science of the Sages shares this insight by Brian Clegg and he goes on to say that "….all matter and all gravity in the observable universe indicate that the two values seem to precisely counterbalance. All matter plus all gravity equals zero. So the universe could come from nothing because, it is, fundamentally, nothing."

He then shares that Astronomy professor Mark Whittle elaborated that "The total mass/energy of the universe equals zero: the universe sums to nothing. This is comparable to what one associates with traditional spiritual -based cosmologies. This also gives us insight into how the universe came into being: perhaps it came from nothing."

In Kashmir Shaivism, which is the great monastic tradition, it states that the object/subject relationship eventually subsides and all that is left is pure subjectivity - pure "perceiver"… Could this be where science and the monastic practices of non-duality intersect? And can it be true that a person can experience this subjective "empty" consciousness, without the limits of the mind, intellect or ego, while still in the body?