For & Against Will Never Work

The More You Are In Your Head, The Less You Will Live In Flow. Accepting Where You Are; Even Being Stuck Is Flow. 

I wanted to share this thought with you during this post election slump...I know many of us are feeling sad, afraid, even angry at the outcome of the elections.... Therefore, what does one do with these emotions? indulge them? Ignore them? Slip into sadness? Depression?

I believe it is extremely important to move out of the intellectual processing of events and into the sensory present moment. The past is but a dream and what will happen in the future is speculation..... I am not saying that we should not be engaged in or concerned about the world around us.... but to make "for" and "against" our primary focus will create a "for" & "against" reality. Therefore, breathe into the softness of your own body. Feel your heart, your blood, your breath and stay here in presence.... This practice enables you to become a sensory being and not a reactive one..... The intellect, which naturally interprets the world as dual, will not guide our planet to understanding; it is only unadulterated present consciousness that can guide the way.