We Are Empty

Robert Wolfe, in this book Science and the Sages writes, "The dot "period" at the end of a printed sentence contains 100 billion atoms (of carbon). If you expanded the dot to 110 yards wide, you could see one of these atoms with the naked eye. If you expanded the dot to 6,215 miles wide you could see the atom's nucleus (central core). The neucleus of a hydron atom is a proton. An electron, gyrating around the proton, defines the outer limits of the atom. The electron is a thousand times smaller than the proton. The electron is one ten-millionth the size of the atom as a whole. 

The proton contains quarks. to "see" a quark, you would need to expand the dot (or period) to twenty times more distant than the moon (which itself is 238,850 miles away). 

Thus, each atom is composed of ("particulate") components which are infinitesimal. An atom is 
99.99999999999999 empty space. "It's emptiness is profound," says particle physicist Frank Close."

"You" are composed of atoms."



I had the good fortune of attending a gathering at NYU called Consciousness Hacking and it was awesome. The speaker was Dr. James Thompson of Evoke Neuroscience and he showed us that  monitoring certain physiological functions in the body can transform life's outcomes. As an example, he showed us that a healthy adult should take a certain number of breaths per minute and when measured by Evoke machines, one can see a certain pattern of breathing. An unhealthy person's pattern is irregular with more breaths per minute. This makes sense, right? What Evoke does is makes it fun to monitor. They have created Waveband which features a "game" where a small animated character called a "Mindja" levitates when one is relaxed and calm and "crashes" to the ground when one is agitated and stressed. Of course, the goal of the game is to learn internal techniques to stay calm and cool, which in turns affects the choices we make in our daily lives. Check out EvokeNeuroscience.com and check out Consciousness Hacking-NYC as well on Meetup. 

The Journey Ahead

Today Michelle and I will be driving up to Omega Institute to sit with John of God. I would like to go with as few thoughts and expectations as possible, without too many preconceptions, without a compass. I would like to be given better eyes to see and to see if I can help support this deep work in ways that heal society and me. 

My Days, These Days

Time eats up everything. My days have been purposeful; a balance between intellect and eternity. When I remember, which is more often these days, to observe mental stimuli rather than BE mental stimuli, I am freed up from the stickiness of life. I am freed up from identifying with all of the noise. My days seem so much lighter; layered with a spritz of effervescence, clearer; and quiet like moments before an afternoon rain.

A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 9 - Agenda

What would it feel like to walk into a meeting and not have any attachment as to whether your point was heard, understood or acted upon? Not great, right? Then again, what would it feel like if you cared but didn't care about the outcome all at the same time? After all, will any detail of your job be remembered in 20 years? Is any particular detail worth getting stressed over? This is, therefore, what I called the "Paradox Play"; it is a place of viewing the world and all interactions in it as extremely important and then simultaneously not important at all, all at the same time. You may find that living in this way, where you are not really attached to your agendas while still trying to implement them, will free you up and give you the insight to find humor in more situations. After all, do all of these to-do lists really matter in the long run? What matters is our journey along the way! 

A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 7 - Reality Soup

Did you know that your 3-pound brain houses a collection of 100 billion neurons which are interconnected with 100 trillion synapses that interpret reality? If they were all laid out end-to-end, they would stretch out 3.6 million miles…. All of that fits inside your head! I read this in Ideas & Discoveries Magazine (9/13, Pg 24). The article also states that EVERY SECOND, 11 million sensory impressions flood the brain and somehow are filtered down to around 40 impressions that we are capable of interpreting per second. So, what is reality then if we can only interpret 40 or so of the multi-fold impressions of life all around us? I am so fascinated by this. I wonder what it would feel like to be another type of (alien) being who, let's say, could feel 1,460 impressions per second, rather than 40. What would his or her day be like? 

A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 6 - Rushing

I am rushing to my friend Sarah's bridal party here in NY. My pulse is elevated and I have plunged myself into a sea of goals, time pressures and self-imposed expectations... I don't want to be late; what if I get lost yet again in Brooklyn! I catch myself breathing quickly… And then I stop and think…"Now how would a yogi respond to this situation?" Or, since I am not "me" but a trillion tiny cells all clumped together trying to figure it all out, "how am "I" as a celluar being FEELING this situation?" So I decide to be experiential... Can I move quickly through the crowds with an "undifferentiated mind", without attaching history or story or narrative to what I See? Without living in the future, trying to race somewhere...In fact, can I quiet my thoughts down as I rush…fully present while not being attached or influenced by forward moving time? I dart downstairs into the subway... Throngs of people & metal everyone. Can I adjust my "seeing" to see everything as seemingly separate but actually not, matter-as-vibrational frequencies? Everything blurs around me… Awwwww, the wonder of my cellular self moving through space with my extended family of cells all around… This present awareness has calmed me. My heart rate slows with the calming of my mental state. As people and trains and life swirls by, I remain as silent as possible and observe the oceanic river of cells called "life". 

A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 5 - What Is Reality?

Perhaps you know that reality does not exist outside of us. It exists entirely in the way our brain interprets neuro signals. To start with, 80% of our understanding of reality comes through the way in which visual information is converted into neural impulses. This is done by the 125 million + receptors in each eye. Yes, I did say 125 million receptors in each eye or 250 million receptors all together! Then these impulses are relayed through the optic nerve into the brain which creates mental impressions of what is "outside". So what happens if any one of these systems goes haywire? And what about brain chemistry? Isn't it true that reality changes if one's brain chemistry is off? I always wonder if I will wake up tomorrow with the same view of reality as yesterday… This is how beautiful and fragile this system called "life" is and it asks for enormous open-mindedness as it becomes very clear that no two people will ever have the same reality. There are 7 billion people on the planet and each of our view of reality is as different as snow flakes falling from the sky. 

A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 4 - Quieting The Ego

I spoke with my friend Greg Wendt last night who introduced me to his friend and business associate, Eric. Greg and Eric are engaged in an extremely beautiful experiment. They are working on some projects together and the process in which they interact is as or more important than the outcome. So, if they or the other people on their team feel any resistance from any one else, they will stop and process together until the issue is resolved. This, they say, frees up energy flow and impact enormously. Egos quiet down, self doubt and stress melts away, etc. And, from a purely cellular, energetic perspective I can see how taking the time would free up energy caught in the realm of the ego. When the ego quiets and free flowing creativity remains, 360 viewing and an expansive sense of possibility arises. I love what they shared with me and am so pleased to hear that they are processing in this way so eventually they can share it with other people in business and in life.


A Year Of Living As A Cell - Day 3 - A visit to the Javits Center

Today I am heading off to the Javits Center so I am asking myself a question… What would it feel like to walk up to the Javits Center and not see it? Well, what I mean is to see it but to not see it all at the same time… Well, to be more specific… what I mean is to see it as cellular pulsing energy not separate from me… or to see it and me as the very same thing, cellularly speaking. Hmmmmm, hard to put this all into words. And, when I walk through the isles, looking for "things" at this cosmetics manufacturing show, is there any way to see them and NOT see them? They are things like components and the fill for make-up but they are also pure energy; or more specifically, pure consciousness in the form of things. I realize that how I CHOOSE to view them is completely up to me. And, as I meet people, can I see them as an energetic extension of me; cellular reflections through brain neurons recording light through air filled with cells meeting a trillion cells "stuck together" near by. This could make for a very different day in the pulsating world of consumer goods. 

A Year of Living As A Cell - Day 2 - A Liquid World

As I woke out of sleep this morning, before moving too much, I observed my environment. Could I view this day in a different way? Could I soften my view so things would appear less solid, less rigid, and less separate? I thought about a meditation I was taught by the non-dual teacher Rupert Spira. He showed me how to observe all of reality from the perspective of one living cell. This cell, of course, has no past or future memory. It is just pure awareness and can move between all of matter because, well, it is a cell. And, in this exploration, Rupert asked me if as this cell, could I find an "edge" to anything? Could I, as a conscious, aware cell, moving through space bump up against anything? Therefore, as I lay here waking up out of my sleep, I can feel my cellular body (with a trillion + cells) laying on a cellular bed with cellular sheets with the understanding that it is all cells touching cells. I look out and see a cellular world with the space between me and other objects as a billion trillion cells and I begin to get a sense of what my day will be like… I am going swimming today in a sea of magnificent, pearlescent cells everywhere!