“Passing Through” is part of a speech Serbian scientist and inventor Nicola Tesla delivered in 1893 at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. Though today less known than figures like Edison and Einstein, Tesla was more or less the father of much of our modern technology, since he among other things developed the foundations of the European electrical system based on alternating currents and the principles of wireless radio communication. 


  • A Wonderist Does Not Need To Have Answers To Life's Most Fundamental Questions. 

    The Truth As It Unfolds Is A Patient Teacher.

  • A Wonderists Faith Is The Faith Of Not Needing To Know. 

    We are simply wide open.

  • A Wonderist Practices Removing Emphatic Statements About Reality & Life. 

    It Is The "Maybe" Religion.

  • Relative Truth, Based On Our Particular Upbringing, Lacks The Whole Picture. 

    The Absolute Truth May Be Known When We Die... Or Not.

  • Wonderists Are Guests On Earth & In Awe Of This Gift Called "Life"... 

    Without Trying To Control, Define Or Direct.


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