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The "Religion" of Direct Experience 

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We Are YOUR "Religion"

We Invite You To Believe Fully in Your Tradition While Allowing For .More of An Experiential Quality of "G-D" to Exist Within You & The World Around You. 

What If....

God is (slightly) different than what you imagined him/her to be? What if, in fact, your understanding of G-D keeps you from experiencing him/her fully in your life right now? Wonderism allows for the openness of your heart and mind to exist so that G-D's expression comes through you. 

How To Experience G-D Directly

Perhaps one way to experience your G-D is to put aside your memory & history of what has been said about your G-D and feel into your sensory body in the moment, which is the best expression of your G-D. 



Precept 1

 A Wonderist does not need to have the answers to life’s most fundamental questions.

Precept 2

A Wonderist’s faith is the faith of not needing to know but rather, experiencing the divine as oneself.

Precept 3

A Wonderist practices removing emphatic statements about God, Reality & Life

Precept 4

Relative Truth, based on our particular upbringing or experience is one flavor of what might be true but, obviously, it lacks the whole picture

Precept 5

Wonderists are guests on earth and in awe of this gift called “life” without trying to control, define or direct. 

Precept 6

Wonderists are inclusive of all other religions, sciences and other points of views and learn from concepts that resonate and incorporate the experiential part of the teachings that removes separateness.

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